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"What is TUBELLINC?... TUBELLINC is a Mobile/Tech/Health Community"
Panels tend to be interesting, entertaining, and informative, and there are excellent opportunities for networking. In other words, TUBELLINC events bring together all of the necessary ingredients for dynamic networking under one roof. Learn the best way to encounter new ideas, learn about innovation, and find new suppliers and experience untainted business networking. we offer end-to-end, global live-stream events, and will be broadcasting a live Online Event Show.
We are a specialized fpv drone vehicle manufacturer. We have manufacturing and assembling factories in use and in development. 
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Adjusting the way regular transit commutes with TUBELLINC built flying air & space craft.
Now anyone can become a shareholder in TUBELLINC  as we enter into the $4.8 trillion transportation market. See how you can join our growing community of investors.

TUBELLINC  is an Internet Music & Television Network, an Media Production Studio, Spacecraft Developer & Distributor, that is African American owned.

TUBELLINC is an emerging multimedia enterprise providing empowering, positive entertainment that broadcasts a wide range of Live/Recorded Internet TV and Radio. We stream and inventory entertainment talk shows and format, education, the arts, entertainment news, music, comedy, sports, politics and documentaries. Our popularity is growing across the globe!

TUBELLINC Guests include: Politicians, local celebrities, local actors, local artists, singers, athletes, activists, teachers, bands, kidprenuers, instrumentalist, musicians, filmmakers, writers, directors, producers, authors, entrepreneurs, cake decorators, chefs, health specialists, specialized therapists and the everyday girl and guy with unique stories to tell.

TUBELLINC utilizes in-station programming and facilitates for Audio/Visual controlled content, and Mobile Media for on-location streaming and recording.

TUBELLINC provides a highly effective way to get a message about your business to the DMV community and worldwide. Your message will be exposed to unique visitors each week through the TUBELLINC web site, TUBELLINC YouTube channel, TUBELLINC social media platforms, and TUBELLINC events.

Our Viewers Are Empowered & Enriched by:

* Develop a love and appreciation of education through entertainment
* Promote self-awareness, self-love, personal health and safety
* Empower, Inform, & Educate
* Commit to and focus on personal growth and development, as well as family and community
* Promote a message of love, peace, harmony and truth
* Encourage team work & collaboration
* Build Generational Wealth
* Enhance the value of knowledge and care

TUBELLINC - is a global major airplane manufacturer (Air & Space Craft supplier), Tech, & Health Networking communications company, announced to provide in-flight connectivity (IFC) services on government, business, and personal aviation aircraft — from government-focused Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and fixed-wing military platforms to VIP business and corporate jets. Tubellinc creates and communicates knowledge for society and the environment. The goal is to make significant contributions to the global challenges in the fields of energy, mobility Health and information tech. Our members  work together on a broad, disciplinary basis in natural sciences, engineering, business, humanities, social sciences and many others. As we prepare for responsible tasks in society, economy and science through a research-oriented series of networked events.    TUBELLINC... bridges the gap between knowledge and application for social benefit, economic prosperity and the preservation of our natural livelihoods. Tubellinc is a work platform built for its users to maintain a career.  A career the can be maintained by using the platform itself. 
In addition to telling readers about our products and services we also inform those interested in developments within the industry that affects members a whole. Assisting in educating customers about the advantages of using our products an services. Talking about the latest software and hardware.
The Network is supported by monthly subscriptions, Event's, Donation's, and Opportunity's. 

Together attracting and retaining students in our new high-tech facility on the horizon, 

The TUBELLINC Member/Event station which is currently in/under development meeting the needs of the undeserved.   

Bringing services & opportunity's to all interested.

SPONSORS WELCOMED!.... 410-292-1696

Today's Top Headline News!

"I am highly excited to show support  and admiration for  which is managed by a close friend of mine name Lawrence Rykard.  
Visit the website for more info. "

TUBELLINC will be expanding into Haiti... 
With Co-partner Bishop Cadelus who will be operating a Bar/Lounge

New Locations coming soon!... Email your resume to:

If you have any building blueprints or suggestions, please do feel free to contact TUBELLINC threw out contact page.
TUBELLINC delivers excitement that's second to none and now we also could be coming to see YOU! This summer or winter.
we're travelling across the United States showcasing our products & services at events and we want to see you there!
TUBELLINC (Monthly Live Broadcast of Shows & Events) - featuring episodes on topics related to  TUBELLINC - member projects.


TUBELLINC hosts random at will meetings per year.  These meetings  are typically half-day to three quarter day in length and are held in various cities around the country.  Two (2) Partners are invited to sponsor and present at each meeting.  Attendees are member(s) and Pay-@-The-Door other companies or individuals interested.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Meeting or would like additional information, please contact Shaun Bridges


All  TUBELLINC events are hosted on our mobile App, and online.  All event materials go onto the App providing attendees with easy access to the event schedule, session materials, speaker and attendee information, breaking announcements, Facebook and more.   A Partner who sponsors the App at an event is given prominent display within the App and in all meeting collateral before and at the event.

Seminars and Demonstrations, Book signings, Chef meet and greets, and other low-cost or free events always offer terrific opportunities to enhance our monthly event experience!, custom events, sweepstakes, and sponsorship's to all audiences on- and off-line.

Culinary Demos, Beverage Seminars, Food as well as Information Technology Seminars & Special Guest Performances will again be offered.

TUBELLINC is also in development with Space Microrovers that will assist human explorers with basic tasks outside their habitat while humans remain safely in?side, thus increasing efficiency and safety as well as helping to limit extravehicular activities to human-optimized tasks. Imagine astronauts carrying a few of these intrepid TUBELLINC explorers with them to a planetary surface. They would "release" them to do reconnaissance around the site so that when the astronauts went outside, which is always dangerous work, they could focus on the most promising discoveries already made by the microrovers. The microrovers could be teleoperated (joysticked) by astronauts or from the ground, or they could operate autonomously. They also could explore areas considered too dangerous for astronauts to visit.
Science, space exploration, and certain other fields require the participation of all with a very strong team spirit. Stubborn as you are, it doesn't make you the greatest specialist in group dynamics. Certainly no one would ever accuse you of enjoying working in a group, unless you're the one in charge. Just such a miracle is possible provided you take the first step.

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"TUBELLINC is teaching essential skills needed in today's diverse world - empathy, culture awareness and how to be flexible thinkers, creative problem solvers and effective communicators..."

TUBELLINC Business Consulting Services &

Hosting for your website...

Pricing is based from + (TBCS)

Perfect for Just Businesses 
$12.99 Per month
12 Months (1 year)  + ( TBCS)
+ - One time Setup Fee: $15.00

Ideal for Online Store to Have 
$22.99 Per month
12 Months (1 year)  + ( TBCS)
+ - One time Setup Fee: $15.00
Stay Tuned for...
Swansfield (~Air-Zero~) 
Drone Racing 
Tournament Championship
in Columbia, MD
In Development Now! 

 Tubellinc will be proudly hosting the...
(~Local & World~)
(Micro) & (235mm) 
Drone-Racing Championships

More Details on the  'About TUBELLINC & EVENTS' page... Click Here! 
Interested in Becoming a...
Business & Development
Field Technician/Engineer
who Provides systems engineering support on large-scale systems, major system elements, and/or interface systems. Develops strategic and implementation  plans for large-scale information systems. Develops system architecture and design in software, hardware, and communications interface requirements.

"Learn Life Skills, Gain leadership experience, Access to advanced health care practice programs..."

Becoming a TUBELLINC Business & Development Field Technician member you to will manage Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) Planners for Systems. The position will support all programs operating in SAP for aeronautics including sustainment field support. Role may require travel. Position may require providing recommended modifications to operating policies or procedures to support continuous improvement. Responsibilities include ensuring that projects are completed on schedule and within budget. Position requires frequent contact with internal personnel, member & industry peers, customers at various management levels concerning operations and scheduling of specific phases of projects. Successful candidate will conduct briefings and participate in technical and non-technical meetings. A Successful candidate will learn to demonstrate a track record and/or working knowledge of manufacturing processes, MRP systems, Subcontract Management (SCM) tools and general procurement processes. Successful candidate will function as an advisor to other functional departments and external customers regarding tasks, projects, and operations, typically procurement or commodity related but will include assembly and fabrication as well. Position requires active involvement in daily operations in a high volume, fast paced, some environment's include demanding hands-on participation to meet critical schedules or resolve complex problems. Successful candidate will be expected to achieve results, meeting company goals and objectives. 
Position requires management and leadership of skilled, experienced, professional personnel along with entry level subordinate positions requiring mentoring and training.
 This position is located at a facility(s) that requires special access.

Bible Power Your Business 
(Apple and/or Android - Workshop/Seminar) 
Register Now!

Brain Power 

Who is this For : Enterprise(s) and or College Student(s) and also people who want to be independent Business Owner(s), Individuals or  those seeking  a career change...

This Workshop/Seminar is for you.

Development Device

         -Note9 (Samsung Device)


         -Tubellinc Member(s) earn Commission(s) 

Mobile Device, Web-Tools & Knowledge. 

(For Industry & Career Professionals Only)

Additional funding would be needed if you would like to ADD an Apple Ipad Pro and/or Note9  device(s)

 (In order to receive device on event date, order at-least 1 week before event  or your device will be mailed or hand delivered.) 

Business Training, Learning Software Development Skills, & Hardware Device can be Included

Speaking's By:

 Shaun Bridges

Event locations subject to change depending on the type of event.

Tubellinc of Tubell Networks & Software Development; will Update yourself with the Latest and Greatest about Information Technology, both Hardware and Software. Network with other companies and individuals to develop plans that execute your Idea or Businesses Networking objectives.

"Discover the new System interface experiences 

through products including the intuitive 

Tubellinc Member OS App interface!..."

TUBELLINC CEO  -  Shaun Bridges
Network Specialist   /  CPU Technical Support Representative   /  Small Business Adviser

, Computer Information Networking Specialist, Lead AV Technician, Trainer, Guest Speaker, VoxWav Audio Engineer, Studio Producer @ Epicstrumentals, Researcher, and much more... 

Shaun  T. Bridges – A.K.A. - EpicTubell -  is also a musician, author, Artist, Producer, Trainer, Aircraft & Space Vehicle Engineer and Event Speaker. 

 Shaun has an Associate degree in Specialized Business In Computer Information Networking Specialist & encompasses a range of training services for person(s) in businesses's, government and non-government organisations... in the interest of better outcomes for all, by teaching Peoples through optimized relationships within TUBELLINC.  

I design and deliver customized workshops and community healing programs to members, organisation's and/or workplace's with the tools for living and working together harmoniously. 

Presents information, directs structured learning experiences, and manages TUBELLINC's group discussion and group services

Underpinning every workshop or speaking engagements are our professional standards. 

- listen, learn, respect, honor, show integrity, have compassion and show courage.  Learn 2 Live!

...working closely with a variety of technology products, from their design to regular repair and upkeep. Provide services as-needed for TUBELLINC and other companies regarding software, hardware, and databases and, also create entire databases and programs for either individual or corporate needs.

i train other employees in information technology (IT), such as corporate employees who must understand the ins and outs of their company’s data entry system. I am always learning, as technology is constantly changing and advancing at remarkable rates.

  • Coordinate the set-up of data services, as well as phone, computer, and printer installation.
  • Coordinate the planning, implementation, and maintenance of all information technology products.
  • Troubleshoot information technology-related issues for both hardware and software.
  • Maintain, manage, troubleshoot and upgrade computer systems and servers for performance and security related issues.
  • Provide end-user support for a variety of web applications.

My Responsibilities to TUBELLINC Includes:

- Being the go-to person, and provide technical and product-related assistance for TUBELLIC's enterprise clients and channel partners 

 - Resolve technical issues or answer technical questions for clients via phone, in person, or electronically - Train customers and dealers on the latest technologies, solutions in the UAV market 

 - Support sales, product, business development and marketing teams in demonstrating drone technology and its capabilities 

 - Equipment management, testing, upgrading firmwares to make sure that all equipment is up to date and ready to use 

 - Manage TUBELLINC related documentation and operation

- Support on marketing projects and events 

- Working closely with the TUBELLINC Branding, Design & Creative Campaign team on projects that shape a holistic brand and product experience resulting in multi channel campaigns including everything from print, web, film, point of sale, events, exhibitions to corporate identity. 

 - Assist with event preparation, including contact with external service providers, request for tenders, creation of event schedule, and takes over responsibility for various projects/tasks during the event on site.

As an Information Technology Specialist with  14 year experience can and should expect to earn or charge for services an average minimum total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $47,473 based on 270 salaries. An early career Information Technology Specialist with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $50,089 based on 2,798 salaries. A mid-career Information Technology Specialist with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $57,922 based on 1,728 salaries. An experienced Information Technology Specialist with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $71,080 based on 1,595 salaries. In their late career (20 years and higher), employees earn an average total compensation of $81,996.  Rates from

All that to say, I know my worth!..


The job, in a nutshell, is to help those interested, make their records by providing producers and writers and/or studio time, and helping with creative direction. On any given day, that could mean taking meetings with artists, writers and producers, and figuring out how to connect them all with each other to do the best work. There is also a lot of traveling involved — going out of town to see shows & networking.

Studio Sessions

(1) Hour. min 


8HR BLOCK - $199.95 (DEAL OFFER)

Studio Sessions with a PRODUCER. (Included)


Music Production

Mixing & Mastering

Columbia, MD Location.

We also offer a flat rate for entire projects depending on how many songs and the scope of your project. If you are interested in a project rate, request a quote by giving us a call. OR  Text    All phases of audio recording: Production, engineering, mixing and mastering for all styles of music | Mixing and/or mastering for projects not recorded with u. | Graphic design - CDs, logos, photography, photo editing, and web sites | Educational resources  - audio engineering, production and music business education | recording studio consulting - get sound advice from an experienced professional.

Contact Now! if you would like to arrange a studio Session @ ether of our current 2 recording locations.

Mixing of songs are on a per song basis and vary depending on the number of tracks in your song.

6 tracks or less
12 tracks or less
20 tracks or less
30 tracks or more
50 tracks or more

Mixtape Spot $ 15.00

2 Mixtape Spots $ 25.00 

5 Epicstrumentals Custom Shouts/ Drops $ 5.00

Picture On the Website (for promotional purposes) $ 10.00 

15 Epicstrumentals Custom Shouts/ Drops $ 15.00 

1 SONG MIX & MASTER $ 25.00

2 SONGS MiX & MASTER $ 45.00 

List of A&R's/ Record Labels 
List Of Managers/Booking Agents 
List of Recording Studios $ 15.00 

Sound recordist on location:
Half Day
5 hours
Full Day
10 hours
Film score and sound design:
Theme Music
10 hours
Sound design project
10 hours
Multiple themes and scores
10 hours
A full score
10 hours
Full score with sound design
10 hours

Need Your Studio Built or Constructed --> Call or Text Tubellinc...
and ask for details about Build-A-Studio  .... @ 410-292-1696


Balance due at end of session. we are not responsible for media left over 90 days after completion of project. 50% Deposit required to book session. Clock starts at booked time and continues while your project is being worked on in any way. *Hard drive space- This is a one time $50 fee per project. The project drive space fee only covers the drive space on one studio drive while the project is in progress. CLIENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING THEIR OWN DRIVE TO BACKUP THEIR PROJECT'S AUDIO FILES. Any USB 2.0 or Firewire (1394) drive over 20 gigabytes will do. Tubellinc or Epicstrumentals is not responsible for data loss. Clients understands that we will provide them with only the digital audio files of their project - not the signal path data files. Media, software and hardware warranties extended to client. 1 hour minimum. Your email address will not be shared. Policies and prices subject to change. 
This is the official Tubellinc website.- information on other web sites can be inaccurate.
Advanced Spacecraft Design and Development, Next-Generation Tactical Datalinks and Cybersecurity