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TUBELLINC aims to get members, and also 1st, 2nd, & third-party Android developers onboard with the platform in hopes of app creators coming up with inventive ways to use the Note 8 and Note 9 Devices.

Ability to build and maintain a strong network and utilize knowledge and experiences to influence solutions that benefits TUBELLINC.

Understand, interpret, and act on data from multiple organizational areas; actively apply, share, and leverage leading practices from other parts of the organization to achieve effective outcomes.
Strong experience managing and delivering business/operational performance, including strategic, long-term decision-making influencing multi-year profitability

My Choice of Home screen for the Note9

"When I attach my USB mouse, the environment is to me, as perfect, and productive as it can get..."       said Tubellinc CEO Shaun Bridges

When you tap the Windows logo  ^

Tapping the settings icon in the bottom right corner

Elias Boudinot
The Age of Revelation...
(2nd ed., Philadelphia, 1801)

"If they travel by land, they will mount the horse, recommended by its owner; or enter a public carriage provided for passengers, without doubting of their safety in the one case, or examining the Workmanship and construction of either carriage or harness, in the other. They trust to the care of the master and driver, and implicitly commit themselves to their knowledge and good conduct."

^)    The Controller for the...Tubell'Air  Vehicle below.    (v