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We have annual sponsorship opportunities 

available for banner display $249.95 

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Areas of Investment preference include: 

When you invest today, you are betting TUBELLINC will be worth more than $0.30/share. 

Get a Free hat, mug, model jet or test flight based on level of investment perk.

Disclaimer: TUBELLINC LLC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves high degree of risk, including possible loss of entire investment. View our Offering Circular here:

Technology, Network management services, Business Services (including financial, Consumer, and Educational Services, Media Production, Entertainment), Media/Communications, Healthcare, Management & Managed Information Technology Services, IT Consulting and Implementation Services, Wireless data Services, Donations and Customer Relationship Management. 
They all provide money for the stages of TUBELLINC's business growth. Early stage investment through cash flow positive status, middle stage & progression of total development project & Expansion.

Vision is to ....
create an environment that is receptive to challenging ideas, responsive to diverse voices and responsible to company, community and business actions of all members of 
Whether you are looking to do business, getting started or need assistance with the basics start here.
At TUBELLINC, we stand firmly behind simple core values that shape and guide us in our daily operations and networking relationships: Do What’s Right, Respect Others, and Perform With Excellence. These simple yet essential values ensure that we conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity, delivering high quality products while following all applicable laws, regulations, and standards of business conduct, and avoiding even the appearance of impropriety. It’s what our customers and shareholders expect. We are committed to meet those expectations, and we in turn trust that all of our suppliers and partners will honor the same values. 
We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported so far. We hope to reach our goal God speed. Every contribution, big or small, will help us reach it. Please make a gift today to show your ongoing support for a independently owned and operated company crafted by the will of God.... Thanks again.
Help with ...
Our Operational GOAL which is:
$1,000,000.00    By year 2021
Every $1995.95  Donated to TUBELLINC  - Is for a new member to join our community with Note9 Device included..... ;) 

<<--Donated amount contributed thus far. $47.35
  • Support TUBELLINC: For most, this isn't an important reason, I will inform you that Donations go toward our operating & development expenses.
  • Bless your good deed in doing so...!

Tubellinc the 1st Back Owned Wholesale 

Lifesize RC Distributor

that host's Drone-Racing events, Tech, Artist, Entertainment, & Training Events well as in a hybrid drone manufacturing company for public transport &/or company business actions.
Tubellinc is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status.
Ability to build and maintain a strong network and utilize their knowledge and experiences to influence solutions that benefits TUBELLINC and Themselves.

 ... also a volunteer-run, registered, and incorporated, tax-exempt, For-Profit & Non-Profit organization that offers the best networking, education and support resources for all Tubellin's needs around the world. Members and Supporters understand that Tubellinc  has both artists and fans or supporters, as well as businesses who provide services and products to all. With a solid knowledge of how the business works. We are always looking for ways to support in creating the very being enjoyed. Become a member and support of Tubellinc &, get access to our member network, Event Meetings, marketing strategies, and also access tools like a UPC symbol/barcode for independently released CDs and plenty more. 

Please check the different membership types and select the right one for you. 

Tubellinc also holds Paid, monthly panels around the world with speakers talking on a variety of topics within the industry. The App is Free, open to non-members, and provide an excellent networking opportunity every month with musicians, supporters, venue owners/managers, agents, audio engineers, related business owners, media and more. Also if you are eager to hear what topics you would like to see added in the future. Join the Tubellinc Newsletter to keep up-to-date on these Events, Shows, News, and upcoming events all over the World.

Make a difference and be the gift that you are, today, and become part of the solution. You;ll make a difference to children and adults worldwide.  And also please do join our online community. Connect with TUBELLINC on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Thank you!

Also help to Thank and Support Shaun Bridges for being the 1st Black Owned Drone Racing League Championship(s) Owner Operator. 

Clinton Wilder - Is A Senior Systems Engineer/Programmer here at TUBELLINC  who Provides systems engineering support on large-scale systems, major system elements, and/or interface systems. Develops strategic and implementation  plans for large-scale information systems. Develops system architecture and design in software, hardware, and communications interface requirements.

Become an TUBELINC Field Technician who installs, operates, and maintains on-site equipment. Troubleshoots customer and equipment issues. 

Assists with new-site turnup development, design, and maintenance of access points.

Become an
Business & Development
Field Technician 
1 year. Contract w/ Samsung Note9 Device.
$1349/Fee = x12months  
Note9....................Device Included

Also receive Back end SEO work for your website ($2,500 Value) 
Website Maintenance & ID Setup  $13.95 dollars per month.
Website name: $20-$400  - for 1/or+more years
Phone (410-292-1696) $45 p/m
New development depending on market &
Other forms of advertising
$(4,188 Value) 
Invitations (Emailed) to:

 Cost estimate of operations 
-after 60 days of operations: (all numbers rounded up)
$250       Insurance A and B
$250       Truck Payment
$150       Parking Location
$40         Phone 
$500       Other bills (Games, gas, repairs, other marketing) Rounded up
Total:   $1,170

$325-350 per party (weekends)
$250-279 per party (weekdays)

Average = $292.5 Skewed Average  

Break-even point with truck payments:  $2,120 at an average of $292.5 per party   = 7.24 Parties per month.

Average Fee Price Per Event: $292.5 
Per-Event  Price                      
$325 - $350
7   parties = $2,047.5 - ($2,275 - $2,450)
10 parties = $2,925
12 parties = $3,510
14 parties = $4,095                             
16 parties = $4,680
18 parties = $5,265
20 parties = $5,850 - ($6500 - $7,000)
22 parties = $6,435
24 parties = $7,020
Call 410-292-1696 For Parties or Events!...
All donations are greatly appreciated. Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve
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A Staff That Cares, Technical Expertise, Prompt Responses.

Have Questions? We read all feedback that comes in and we respond to it. It may be a direct response to the customer with an explanation or it may be an action we take to improve service or ease of ordering. We strive to answer all our emails within 24 hours during regular business days Monday - Friday.
For product support, sales related questions or to check on status of an order or return please use the Contact Us form and select the proper what can we help you with category.
If you see that we have Live Chat available you can talk with one of our staff members right away. 
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Support a Great Site: For most, this isn't an important reason, but we'll add it in anyways. A site that brings you a LOT of things for free. Also Premium subscriptions can be seen as donations that go toward our operating expenses. Call it a good deed to society.
Take the Next Step Towards Hiring TUBELLINC to Speak at Your Next Event or at any of our upcoming events. Please complete the form below and our office will contact you by phone or email within 24 hours.
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TUBELLINC welcomes recurring donations to the Development Fund, which enables coders from the community to work for a set period of time on specific objectives.

Projects or people selected for support are defined by TUBELLINC's project administrators. 

Selected projects are announced on this website or in our Apps Home page.

Integrating technologies into aircraft Built buy Tubellinc

...helping pilots fly farther, operate longer and succeed in harsh or dangerous environments.

A community of leaders in drones, intelligent robotics and unmanned systems come together to shape the future of our industry.

Tubellinc Webinars
Coming Soon!

Columbia MD
 Online Live

Register from anywhere in the world, if your skills permit you to earn a paid travel expenses covered trip to where ever the Championships will be held. 

then you earned it...

And if your already local to the the area new or old to the races, then... 

with your...

Estes - Proto-X-FPV

Join the ...

1st Annual





Racing League



Live Viewing for all Events   

Cash Prize Winnings!...

There are 2 different race types!...

Other Included Events!... 



(local & World)


Race Rules

> Custom <

Quadcopter Racer 



(Indoor & Outdoor)

Race Entry Fee:  $99.95



(Local & World)



Race Rules

Custom Quad copter

(Size Limit)


(6mm A-Arm Racer)

> Samsung Gear VR - Controller Standard In order to race.

OwnUserGoggleUse + $49.99



Race Entry Fee: $99.95

Races will be held 


Swansfield ~AirTrack~


Columbia, MD 21044

Races for CASH Winnings will began in 2020

So start practicing now to get ahead. 

Good Luck!... See you at the races.