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Shaun Tubell Bridges - CEO

"Help me, Help you!.."

I am...a

Computer Information Networking Specialist


Certified Associate in Specialized Business

...All of my Other Equivalent Experience is Below:


I am an Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Musician, Engineer, 

Computer Information Management Networking Specialist, Author, Certified Business Network Seller, Scientist  Management, Technical Manager, Supervisor, Executive Director  of Engineering and R&D,

and of related fields.

The owner of this & other websites,

including recording & production studios:

Epicstrumentals & Tubellinc,

which are also of;

Gold Rush Lane Records

which is All a part of...

Tubell Networks & Software Development.

"We Associate & Employ - related events such as Networking Lunch's, Holiday outings, Team-Building events, Training programs, Summer outings, & Incentive events. Which are held @  nearby locations chosen for its exclusivity to serve as superior efforts towards the goal. 

I myself deal directly as the executive, with an administrative assistant, and board of directors. 

Were are a reliable resource to small and midsize companies looking to upgrade there networks in many different ways.

Install, inspect, secure and troubleshoot networked computers within an organization.

Operate A Help Desk

Provide physical duties or monitor for internal and external threats.

Extensively knowledgeable about Network Management.


Our Planning services are opportunities we explore in everything departmentalized with services. I have extensive experience working with computerized management information systems."

For Employer Inquire of Median Salary for services (2015)  $51,865

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is a Networking Business that offers You Venture Opportunity...

In Areas Such As:
Technology, Business Services, Media/Communications, Healthcare,  Network Management Services, Managed IT Services, IT Consulting & Implementation services, Wireless Data Services, 
Relationship Management, & Entrepreneurship 

I am a talented Web Network Engineer who builds powerful platforms that mobilize advanced apps. 

Using Linux, JavaScript, and HTML5 and other bleeding edge in technology, I teach you how you can learn to push the limits of what you can do.

With the knowledge of UI/UX Designer, WordPress CMS, HTML, CSS, Java, Flash, 

PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, etc.

- Strong design aesthetic (teach you how you can learn from examples)

- learn available plugins and have experience writing and modifying web pages with plugins

- Ability to work as a team member and meets deadlines

- Strong IT skills – server and network issues, troubleshooting, etc.

- Most importantly I am resourceful, entrepreneurial and reliable.

The Network Engineer role within client that will design and deliver enterprise class capabilities and provide a wide range of engineering solutions. I am a subject matter expert in this respective field and is called upon for most complex assignments. I am responsible for designing hosted client solutions, setting technical direction, establishing metrics that ensure optimal availability, capacity, and performance. I am also a current and experts on industry trends and deliver the highest level of customer service  an escalation point for Tier 3 support for customer solutions and infrastructure within the organization’s enterprise technology portfolio. 

My role will report to the Director of IT.  Working with a team of geographically distributed staff and contract employees.

*Responds to telephone calls, email and personnel requests for technical support 
*Identifies, researches, and resolves technical problems 
*Maintains, analyzes, troubleshoots, and repairs computer systems, hardware and computer peripherals 
*Ultrasonic Cleaning
*Soldering (Motherboard Repair)
*Documents to be maintained, upgrades or replaces hardware and software systems 
*Supports and maintains user account information including rights, security and systems groups 
*Configures, troubleshoots and supports user(s) Accounts & Networks
Provides basic support of common office products, such as “Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint” etc. 
*Other duties and responsibilities as assigned 
*10 years of experience in the Networking related field area 
*Familiar with all major OS systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 10 and associated support concepts and best practices. 
Knowledge of (Windows 10 Inside Developer Opportunist)

*Apple & Android Developer 

*Good understanding of Networking concepts and practices as they apply to desktop, and laptop support. 
*knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within a corporate Desktop/Laptop support environment. 
*Follows instructions and per-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job. 
*Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within particular IT fields 
*Experienced with judgment to plan and accomplish goals 
*Primary job functions that typically require exercising some degree of independent judgment and initiative. 
maintains a platform or mechanism that permits the offer, sale, purchase, or negotiation of or with respect to securities, or permits general solicitation, general advertisements, or similar or related activities by issuers of such securities, whether online, in person, or through other means;

Primary duties include maintaining the integrity and security of the company's network and the systems connected to it. A computer networking specialist that has extensive knowledge of network connectivity, protocols, network security devices, network types, including wireless, fiber optic or Cat5, and common operating systems, such as Windows and UNIX.

In an entry-level capacity, computer networking specialists thats responsible responding to & troubleshooting calls and e-mails from users of the network. I diagnose and offer repair instructions remotely, as well as in person. In an advanced role as an analyst or administrator, computer networking specialists I often monitor network access for bottlenecks, security threats or problems with connectivity. Also configuring and maintaining security devices to ensure the safety of company software, systems and data.

As The Supervisor - Food may work in any type of food location on client premises. Providing oversight at the direction of management on site to coordinate routine work activities of workers and/or service employees engaged in food operations or services at either larger complex facilities or locations in the areas of commercial, health care, schools, universities or other establishments. Assisting support to management in the daily oversight of key functions and employees during the normal course of business. 
Call 410-292-1696 for a business quote depending on business necessities and client requirements.
typically doing the following with my spare or lobby time:

  • Determining what the organization needs in a network and computer system before it is set up
  • Installing all network hardware and software and making needed upgrades and repairs
  • Maintaining network and computer system security and ensuring that all systems are operating correctly
  • Collecting data in order to evaluate the network’s or system’s performance and helping make the system work better and faster
  • Adding users to a network and assigning and updating security permissions on the network
  • Training users on the proper use of hardware and software
  • Solving problems when a user or an automated monitoring system informs me or them that a problem exists

As Administrator I manage an organization’s servers and desktop and mobile equipment.

 I ensure that email and data storage networks work properly. 

I also make sure that employees’ workstations are working efficiently and staying  connected to the central computer network or peers. 

Administrating & managing telecommunications networks.

Participating in decisions about buying future hardware or software to upgrade the organization’s network.  

Providing technical support to computer users, and supervising computer support, a specialists to help solve users’ problems.

I also collaborate with commercial and academic partners as well as other government organizations to investigate new analytic methods and computer platforms. 

Our research areas include:

  • Knowledge bases
  • Ontologies
  • Intelligence Value Estimation
  • Language analytics
  • Voice analytics
  • User Modeling/Cognitive Science

Software Engineer of Design, ( UI- Designer )
Architect and lead of the development of software to which interface's with hardware that captures biometric data from end users at the point of sale(i.e. fingerprints and retina scans) and/or login(s). Design biometric recognition algorithms that can be used to identify registered end users based on biometric sample.
Integrate biometric module into the core of Tubellinc's Operating System Software

LAN/WAN Technician
Perform activities associated with implementation and integration of LAN, WAN, and computer systems for mission critical operation. Capable of implementing Large Scale LAN/WAN project; Server Administration; as well as architectural changes.

PC Support Specialist
Maintains, analyzes, troubleshoots and repairs computer systems, hardware and computer peripherals. Documents, maintains, upgrades or replaces hardware and software systems. Supports and maintains user account information including rights, security and systems groups.

Network Systems Technician
Monitors and maintains network systems. Troubleshoots network systems when necessary and makes improvements to the network.

Webmaster  ( UX-Designer )
Develops and maintains a company's portal. Performs backups and ensures user accessibility to the site. Monitors site traffic and helps scale site capacity to meet traffic demands and performance expectations. Improves the portal's efficiency and designs the look and feel for the site.

...working knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript and Linux.. AND OTHER DEVELOPMENT LANGUAGES


Education & Experience equivalent = t
o that of an Master’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering plus 12 months of relevant work experience.

Inquiring Employers can contact me here:  

Shaun Bridges

10997 Bushwood Way
Columbia, MD 21044


More About our CEO...

*2006 – 2009 Bachelor Degree in GSP @ Devry University, Chrystal City, VA

*2004 - 2006   Associate Degree in Computer Information Management & Networking Specialist @ International Academy of Design & Technology, Pittsburgh PA (Dean’s List)

History Experience

 *Tubell Networks & Software Development (2006 – Current)

Network Specialist, Website Designer, Music Production, Software Interface Development, Product Design & Production

*Harmony Hall Nursing Home (2013-2014)

~Re-installed wires for Access Point

~Nurse Call System

~Terminating RJ45

*Medserv Management, Inc 3/28/07 – 5/25/07

At Medserv my position was as Assistant Network Systems Administrator for 3 branch office buildings catering to long term healthcare patents. Some of my responsibilities included monitoring computer networks using network management and analysis products. I Initiated changes to assure continued network reliability and responsiveness. Coordinated with information services and other corporate staff to maintain history information & documentation for computing hardware. Communicated as appropriate with end users, user groups, and other information services staff, also with end users to resolve PC conflicts. Assessed economic and technical feasibility of proposals and their compatibility with current and future computing infrastructures.

 *Aramark 9/13/06 - 3/23/07

While at Aramark I performed customer service, support, & hospitality duties.

*Sony Inc. 7/3/06 - 9/11/06

Maintained computer consistency for the programming of roughly 300+ big screen TV systems each wit their respective costs averaging $3000 or more. Desktop support, Data Entry & Reporting along with constant will for awareness.

*International Academy of Design & Technology 1/1/06 - 6/30/06

At IADT I was a Network Technician performing various staff & student support services, Phone consultant, Data Entry, Stocking & Inventory, & Lab monitor for 2 Mac and 6 PC Labs.

Essential Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Lead the design and implementation of global, cost effective, enterprise-class systems following ITIL/ITSM processes/practices, while maintaining compliance with all company policies, procedures and standards. 
  • Participate in the  development of technology roadmaps that align with overall IT strategy and vision
  • Provide support for all aspects of functional area, serves as an escalation point for Tier 3 support.  This includes on-call and after hours support, participation in the incident triage, and following a sound troubleshooting process.
  • Act as a coach and mentor for less experienced team members. 
  • Maintain and validate quality service by establishing and enforcing Managed Hosting standards, metrics and best practices
  • Accountable for process definition for application packaging, software deployment, patch management, and automation.
  • Responsible for application packaging, software deployment, patch management, and automation. 
  • Lead innovation, process improvement and standardization within the IT organization. 
  • Develop best practices, case studies, training materials, and whitepapers for the enterprise.  Present at Architecture Review Board, Lunch and Learn sessions, and training sessions. 
  • Anticipate risks and constraints and proactively develop solutions to address the risk/constraints, escalating as appropriate.     
  • Gather requirements, develop the delivery plan for solution and services milestones, managing expectations and coordinating delivery with internal team.  
  • Maintain in-depth awareness and fluency of the key features, functions, and/or industry trends around the area of expertise.
  • Lead the evaluation process and recommend reference architectures for client's infrastructure and shared data platforms. 
  • Manage and prioritize multiple simultaneous incidents and Service Requests and drive resolution to technical incidents following the Incident Management Process.
  • Perform post incident root cause analysis and write the associated RCA document.
  • Platform Ownership for specific technology. A Platform Owner is responsible for:
  • Leading the technology councils in their respective field of expertise
  • Determining and reporting on the availability of a specific platform
  • Monitoring  and alerting – Ensure the primary functionality is properly monitored
  • Backups and Recovery – Ensure critical data is identified/protected and a recovery model is in place and periodically tested
  • Capacity management – Develop capacity models, measure utilization and establish and maintain forecasts
  • Develop maintenance plans and schedules
  • Incident tracking – Track the incidents that have occurred on the platform and the remediation activities performed
  • Develop and present environmental metrics
  • Health checks – Periodic evaluation of the platform to ensure it is operating optimally
  • Creation and maintenance of product guides
  • Lifecycle Management – Ensure that software and hardware are up to date
  • Hardware – Ensure hardware is supported by the vendor and pro-actively plan for a refresh when required.
  • Firmware – review and apply firmware are required
  • Software – Software follow the N-1 rule for major release
  • Uphold and promote core values and culture

Measures of Success:

  • Successfully design solutions that meet availability and performance targets and are delivered on-time/budget. 
  • Successfully transfer knowledge to operations personnel to ensure that technical incidents/service requests are resolved within SLA/OLA timeframe with a high level of quality
  • Maintain a high level of customer service.
  • Participate in the development of client's technology vision and strategy. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to work as part of a team and share knowledge with team members.
  • Implementation and adoption of support processes and structures sufficient to ensure system stability and user satisfaction.
  • Attain and maintain “expert level” recognition in select areas by IT Leadership and peers. 
  • Lead “Root Cause” efforts to identify and remediate technology and business process issues.
  • Successful adoption of reference architectures
  • Positive recognition as noted on Employee and Customer satisfaction surveys, completed on a periodic basis.

Tubell Networks & Software Development

My E-mail address:

Location: Columbia, Md (Headquarters)

You have the opportunity to gain massive publicity or even land a contract with major industry names.

There is no prior experience necessary! 

I Network with industry professionals as well as other business consultants.

You will be working with some of the best webmasters and online marketing promoters in the business. 

Most of all, you will defiantly have fun interacting with our member internet clientele and reaping the monetary benefits! 

It's fun, safe, and easy! 

To Gain Farther Insight in computer programming & to use the latest hardware & software technology.

If you’re interested in working with a company of freedom, having facility access and opportunity, staying updated and interactive with the world.

 this is an opportunity you can not afford to ignore.

 The tools we use, Prove NOT 
to be difficult to work with and requires a simple level of programming knowledge. 

Im sure this is no challenge to you... 

People with no programming knowledge can create quickly

 with all the materials included

You have the opportunity to be part of one of the most exciting advances in engineering that you’ll see this millennium.

Whatever technology direction you pursue, We mean Business offering you unlimited potential to turn your ideas into reality— Our intuitive marketing ability, savvy business skills, and a prolific track record of building creative and productive partnerships and career profits. 

Join us & help Impact our future, by being capable of helping your business succeed.  
Our reception and hospitality events are/may be held at hotels, off-site venues, and unique locations

Must be 18+ - able to provide 2 forms of valid ID - No Exceptions! 
• A great personality 
• Physically & Mentally fit, No intention of being content in sloppiness. 
(willing & wanting to work for better)
• Great work ethic (this is not your typical 9-5, but we expect the same commitment) 
• The Desire to be free! Being consistent with your work, will lead to the more money you will make!•

We understand everybody is different and can give different levels of commitment, so we will work with you and around your schedule. 

All I ask for is consistency. 

The only test is of your financial obligation to follow threw with your payment to proceed!
If you could buy your way into the forefront of the future, trust me! this would be it.

Subject title:  Work With Me: Your Name



COLUMBIA, MD 21044  
(Tubellinc Headquarters, Epicstrumentals)

HURLOCK, MD 21643  
(Gold Rush Lane Studios, Epicstrumentals, Off Road (RC) Racetrack)

(Associate Enterprise Inc., Epicstrumentals)


Now Recruiting!...
Only how to Operate a PC is enough knowledge to become an

Mobile Software Developer/ Programmer (Certification)

Register For a sin Tubellinc Event $19.99 


 Tubellinc Communications/development documentation

The next arrangement  Events will be scheduled in the area(s) of

- Columbia, md

- More Areas Coming Soon!

Register for (12) Events of:

Tubellinc in 2018

Registration Steps:

1. Register (click the >Buy Now< button below) in order to receive hardware & communications documentation

2. Network with the associate who registered you, who will tune you in to how every thing works

3. Get involved in whatever area you choose that the company allows

(Profit from Transaction opportunity's) 

4. Join Networked events online or in person

5. Networking Facility Accessin Columbia, MD

6.  Tubellinc

7.  Business & Life Management Assistance


$239.99 Complete Package

Learn the process and issues associated with the implementation of a

computer application information system. 

some Topics include: 

*the processes associated for sponsor and stakeholder approvals, 

*end user training, 

*technical staff training, 

*conversion from existing application(s) and integration into the information system production environment. 

This course will also examine the use of development and testing environments and the testing procedures related to the implementation of a computer application information system.

*All Registrations need to be made no later than 4 days leading up to event*

*Device Included

  *Course/ Web Developer Networking Materials

Member Identification & Facility Pass (1yr)

Meeting Locations In

Columbia, MD 21044
"High efficiency saves cleaning solvent, thermal energy, work place and labor!"
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