What is Tubellinc?

Tubellinc is a network of members who consist to create, share, teach & benefit from the Use of Technology.

Hardware & materials for learning the structure of How the Internet Works can be obtainly orchestrated.

Network into training sessions for persons who want to

understand the advanced fundamentals of design & development

in operations of the hardware device & the software platforms interpretations.

Our network conferences are for people who would like to manage or administer OS installations & involve either in support, lab manager, network technician or systems administration, or other role. We are mostly a members-only event – anyone who is invited into the space is welcome to attend.

The network conferences include workshops and other plenary sessions, providing plenty of opportunities for delegates to meet and interact, share experiences, and learn about upcoming and current projects that are being worked on. Networking and meeting other people who share similar interests is a major part of our community and one of the main reasons people return ever year.

*Monthly or Yearly Community membership*

*Business Consulting*

*Career Opportunity*

*Facility & Network(ing) Accessibility*

Our scheduled monthly networking events are where we gather to build company spirit, an evening of recognition, an opportunity to learn and showcase

Network with community companions with a- TubellincTicket-Card - in hand to attend any of our Events.

If you're  looking  for Entertainment with a ''high-tech'' twist,then...

Join with us in our professional business developer ecosystem...

Are you still actively pursuing your academic goals?  If you want to prepare yourself to make the most of your career, it is time to be proactive.

We Are..
A Community focused on...
The Future in; Information Technology, Health, Transportation, & Exploration

We are a community of Developers & Enthusiast 
dedicated to supporting the 
Tubellinc-eco systems. 

-Training Seminars
-Networking, Technology, Music, & Comedy Events
-Business Consulting

Here at Tubellinc we develop dual-use technologies for application by
Recognizing and rewarding associate member accomplishments. 
Every month our company events feature different talent acts from various industries who share there appreciation for Technology while exposing there content within the Tubellinc platform in the process.

To educate parents, guardians and educators of young learners about the benefits of studying computer programming, and introduce them to some of the tools available to help them get started.
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Paving the Way for Advancements in Technology and Economic Development this year Tubellinc is leading the way on yet another national front – Howard County became responsible for managing $72 million of the $115 million awarded to the state of Maryland to direct the Inter-County Broadband Network (ICBN). A collaborative intergovernmental consortium comprised of 10 central-Maryland jurisdictions, including Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Harford, Carroll, Prince George’s, Montgomery, Frederick, Baltimore City and Annapolis, Tubellinc directly connects hundreds of public schools, libraries, public safety agencies, community colleges, and other government institutions to strengthen public safety and emergency management, enhance education, improve health care, spur economic development, increase government efficiency. 

However, Tubellinc is not in any way, in access of these funds.
We still expands access to millions of residents and thousands of DMV businesses & individuals.

Mobile devices are more and more popular and powerful and are providing a new notion of communication that we could once only imagine. A truly wireless mobile is new to the vast majority of computer users. We know wireless mobile phones, but the idea of being able to connect to the Internet in a similar fashion is something with ramifications we've yet to fully realize. The vast majority of us are still accustomed to plugging a modem into a phone back to connect to the Internet remotely. The enhancements in the technologies help us to have the Internet accessing facilities even on the mobiles. One of our projects relates to accessing a remote PC using a mobile device. The system gives the user the ability to access remote computer(Data) via mobile device from anywhere in the world. The user is connected to the Internet server by a service provider according to the IP address specified by whom. If a connection is established the user can access the remote system. The user can read, write and can execute specific files on an remote PC.

Why Learn to Code?
  • Gain valuable skills that will advance your career
  • High demand — Developers earn over $70,000 per year on average pending
  • Create your own product or startup without relying on a technical

You’ll receive ongoing support and personalized feedback as you develop your skills. We provide a clear path to learn web development and accelerate your growth with one-on-one online video mentor-ship. We’re helping people from across the globe achieve their goals — from complete beginners to those with years of experience.

Learning To Program Code

is an Investment in your Future.

Web Development

Build your own websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learn the foundations of programming and web development by building eight interactive websites from scratch. Gain the skills and knowledge of a Junior Web Developer and understand the principles of user experience design


  • Build and design interactive client-facing sites and apps
  • Gain the skills to launch a product or idea independently
  • Launch a sleek personal website to showcase your projects
  • Develop the expertise to join the fastest growing sector of the economy

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript , php

Design Fundamentals

Business Consulting

  • Knowledge from data: Learn how to apply the latest in data science and advanced analytics to discover unexpected insights?
  • Enhancing human expertise: How to employ AI and machine learning to extend beyond your own limitations?
  • Coders in the new API Economy: Innovations developers are coming up with through the application of intelligent APIs?
  • Building a cognitive business: Using the science, strategy, and application of cognitive systems to reshape business?

There are many facets to every cognitive journey, so submissions related to all sorts of technologies and disciplines including:

  • Analytics business solutions
  • Cloud
  • Collaboration solutions
  • Commerce
  • Data integration and governance
  • Data Management
  • Enterprise content management
  • Internet of Things solutions
  • IT infrastructure
  • Mobile
  • Security

validate a demonstrated understanding of:

  • FOSS, the various communities, and licenses
  • knowledge of open source applications in the workplace as they relate to closed source equivalents
  • basic concepts of hardware, processes, programs and the components of the different Operating System
  • how to work on the command line and with files
  • how to create and restore compressed backups and archives
  • system security, users/groups and file permissions for public and private directories
  • how to create and run simple scripts

These skills & Job roles are enhanced with Tubellinc:

Front End Web (HTML)
Back End Web (HTML5)
Embedded Systems
Software Developer
Hardware Designer

Dev Ops
IT/Technical Support
Mobile Application Support
Big Data

Cloud Architect
Development Systems
Data Analyst
College Student Studies

Learn how to design websites like Fortune 500 companies,
Business consulting,
Help for start-ups
, and existing agencies & businesses

  • Schedule for a personal networking session @ location or/via Google Hangouts
  • Network with the Tubellinc community to answer your questions
  • Get a clear learning path with support and feedback when you need it
  • Project-based curriculum with hands-on learning to build your portfolio
  • Expand your professional network with developers and aspiring coders from around the world
  • Organized online study sessions to collaborate with other aspiring coders
*You will learn how to make video games, websites, and other exciting things!*
 *Our projects have been written for children who are 8+ years old*
*based on average literacy and numeracy levels for different age groups.*
Register to network Here at one of our newest locations in Columbia, MD...
Members Only have personal access & can schedule appointments for networking, training or help.
and can Schedule an appointment between the 10:00am - 8:30pm  Time-frame availability

  Register to get involved within Tubellinc Networking Sessions in Columbia, Md

Our instructors have years of experience as developers and have been trained to work with beginners and advanced students. With online one-on-one sessions and daily office hours, you’ll learn programming best practices and have all your questions promptly answered.
Tubellinc's  Indoor Development Testing Area
a member Project in development below.
Register Now!... Opportunity Is Limited
However, children (8yr Child age limit) need parental permission for taking part.

Child classes by Tubellinc in Columbia, MD are with assistance by  Aaliyah Bridges to show other young learners how simple processes can be...

Thought for the Times:
"Know that There is a difference between leaderships, on one hand there's Crisis-Leadership, and on the other Crisis-Avoidance. One; may have risen to the challenge to Slain something or someone who was a challenge threatening the company. Two; never even lets something or someone who was a challenge Anywhere near the village. Indeed you'd never even knew that there was anything threatening the company. Real leaders prevent crisis --- they never let the threats near the company, much less, in the door. The Art of War, is to win Without fighting."

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Supporting many companies worldwide with Front End Development work. We are an experienced front-end Web application developers in building interfaces rich Internet applications. We use various tools to make sure that our REMOTE developers delivers web applications in an AGILE manner while keeping quality to highest standards.

A. We proudly build software applications – Follow coding standards, build appropriate unit tests, integration tests and deployment scripts B. We assist in defining software architectures – Collaborate with leads to explore existing systems, determine areas of complexity, potential risks to successful implementation, learn the applications capabilities C. We communicate continually with the client and project teams – Regular status reports are published. D. We own success – take responsibility for successful delivery of the solutions. PAYMENT COMES AFTER SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY OF OUR SOLUTION. We translate designs and style guides provided by the UI/UX team into functional user interfaces, ensuring cross browser compatibility and performance F. We contribute to continual improvement by suggesting improvements to user interface, software architecture or new technologies

Is it your time to be? ..... Invest in this career opportunity and get involved. 
This opportunity is only available for those seriously interested.
But only so many Registration Slots are available each Event (Depends on location) 

Register for a Tubellinc Event  - There are a Limited amount of Tickets given out for each event!

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Event Accompaniment: 

Prices do not reflect including a Note8 device, however if the case is that you don't have an Note8 - arrangements can be made to accommodate such. 

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Tubellinc Networking Session(s) 

Appointments in Columbia, MD

Call for Event Session Time(s), 
which range anywhere Between  
10:00am - 8:30pm
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>>>If you do not arrive with a Event Ticket<<<

-here will be an entry fee at the door

- $49.99 Per person.

CALL To Confirm Event.

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Tubellinc Members have (1) or all of these devices

which includes a:

 Fujitsu (Model# T901) Computer, 

Samsung Note 8, 

Gear VR w/Remote, 

Tubellinc USB & Company Documentation


you could gain profit by Selling our Tubellinc Event Ticket(s) to others...

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